> Sasha's Blues: June 2014

Leather handle bag by Jereb Leather Goods

My dad made another bag - this one is medium sized, made from vegetable-tanned leather, hand stitched of course and also hand painted.

Original idea for the bag and design were my mom's.

It took about 15 hours to complete.

 We're working on a Youtube channel with tutorials, tips & tricks. It will be available soon so stay tuned!
His leather bags are cusom made and for sale. For any inquires send me an E-mail on sashabluepro@gmail.com and I'll answer all the question. 

Photo diary. A road to Auschwitz.

I remember when I was 14 and I found a book about Auschwitz in my dad's drawer. I became so interested in the subject, I probably read every single book about concentration camps I could find in the library.
Some might think it's a rather macabre subject for a 14 year old to be reading about and you're probably right. Things I read in those books were so unimaginable to my young mind it took quite a few years for me to actually understand the magnitude of what was going on in the Germany occupied Europe.
Last winter I finally got to visit Auschwitz.

It was freezing in Oswiecim, -20°C during the day, nights were even colder. We drove for 800km to reach Poland and got to Auschwitz around 10 A.M. It was snowing lightly and the mist around the camp just made it look even more frightening. The moment I stepped on the camp site, the overwhelming feeling of saddness took over me and there were a few moments I could not stop myself from crying.

"Arbeit mach frei" or "work sets you free" sign at the entrance to Auschwitz I.

Photo diary. Partisan hospital, Bohinj and old city centre of Kranj.

I just got back from the amazing all-day trip with my dearest fiance. It was sunny, a little bit cold and full of interesting things I got to see:)

In the rugged terrain in western Slovenia, there's a remote gorge called Pasica where Slovene Partisans built a partisan hospital back in 1943 - in the middle of Second World War. Franja partisan hospital ran until the end of war in May 1945 and due to its remote location(hidden in the forest), accesable only by bridges it was never discovered - although the occupying Wehrmacht forces launched several attempts to find it. Today it's a museum and it is protected as cultural monument of national significance.

River Cerknica, photographed on our way to partisan hospital

Calm before the storm.

When I was driving home yesterday with my lovely fiance we couldn't not stop and admire the beautiful work of nature on the sky.

 That was in my hometown of ┼ámarca in Slovenia, small village under the Alps. We often get views like that, acompanied by smell of wheat and summer rain.

HOW TO WEAR: white blazer

Summer has officially started with this week's 31°C! It would be great if I had been a good girl during school year and finish with all of the exams, but unfortunately I still have 3 to go. I guess I'll be locked inside until 7th of July. Sad face

On the other hand, I went shopping last week and bought a white summer.y blazer in H&M. So I decided to put together a few outfits on how to wear it the right way;)

Alright, enough babbling, enjoy! x0x0

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