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What To Wear With A Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are so 90s and cool, don't you think? I found one in the basement and it used to belong to my dad  (20 years ago when he as skinny and looked like John Travolta in Grease, haha) and now it's mine! If you have a lil bit of imagination, you can pair it with almost anything and it can be worn in the summer or winter.
If you're not really keen on wearing your plain denim jacket, maybe try a DIY project like thisthis or something simple like this one and look extra fab!

1. Leather skirt
This one is a bit tricky and kinda hard to pull off...but what's fashion if not experimenting? :) If you're daring enough try rocking this outfit with super high heel boots! I know Rihanna would. ;)
Untitled #83

Jereb Leather Goods - handmade leather goods by my father

After months of convincing, my father finally decided to go online with his business - he makes beautiful leather products: bags, phone/Kindle/tab covers, belts, wallets, cigarette cases, gun holsters, you name it!
You can check out his work here: Jereb Leather Goods

The page is still under construction, but you know..slowly and steadily:)

How To Wear Summer Dresses In Fall/Winter

This can be a tricky one. Wearing a dress in the winter can easily turn into a fashion disaster (for example, just few days ago a friend asked me if would be okay to wear her midi flower summer dress over a green turtleneck sweater. My jaw dropped.) , but on the other hand it can look very chick.
I would avoid typicall summer fabrics such as rayon or linen - there are exceptions though, such as chiffon. 

1. Cotton maxi dress

  • In my opinion, the easiest summer dress to wear in the winter. You really can't go wrong with this one:)  Pair it with a jacket or a coat and some quality leather boots and you're good to go!
maxi dress 1

maxi dress 2

What To Wear With Electric Blue

Electric blue is one of my fave bright colours to wear! I went shopping yesterday and saw so many key pieces in electric blue, so I decided to make a post about what to pair it with whether you have blue boots, jeans, jacket etc.
When it comes to electric blue, you can't go wrong with the black and white combo. It also goes great with burgundy, cream, pale pink, grey or brown.
Here are some of my suggestions:)

What to wear with an electric blue coat?
electric blue coat

What To Wear With A Burgundy Skater Skirt

We all love skater skirts and burgundy colour is (along with black) the perfect colour for this fall/winter. Burgundy colour is actually associated with Burgundy wine, which is named after a region in France and - in case you didn't know - is dark red.
Now the more complicated question is - how to wear it? I came up with 5 different looks, from casual to more sophisticated, for any occasion:)

Look nr. 1
Burgundy leather skater skirt with a black blazer 
You can't go wrong with a skater skirt and a blazer. For this look I decided to pair them with high heels, a black turtleneck, black and white scarf and some gold accesories. I'd wear my hair in a sleek ponytail and kept my makeup simple, but heavy on the eyes. Leather skirt and extremely high heels definitely add some edginess, so this look would be perfect a girls night out.

burgundy skater skirt

10 Winter Essentials 2013/2014

Have you ever noticed how during winter everybody just look...kinda the same in their puffy jackets and uggs? In my city, winter is the fashion serial killer. The one that leaves a mess behind. (a rather sick comparison, but I'm a weird person.)

So, what to do to look fabulous when there's 5 feet of snow outside, 20°F, wind blowing directly to your face and your hands are f* frozen? Along with dry skin, brittle hair and chapped lips of course. You've probably noticed I absolutely hate winter - now I know I said something completely different a month ago, but now that's starting to get really cold I realized why I always wanted to be a bear. I could just stuff my face with yummy food and then sleep for 3 months.

1. Leather sleeves
Very commercial, but let's face it - effin' HOT! You can always dress it down or dress it up and looks Burberry-ish, double win! I've seen a bunch of coats with leather sleeves in stores already, so I suggest buying yours online (if you live in a small country like I do, where we only have like 5 different coats to chose from. Not really, but pretty close.)
But there's not just coats - cardigans, dresses, tops, you name it! Great for adding a little high fashion to your wardrobe. My advice is to keep it in neutral tones though.

Leather sleeves

2. Leather pants
Essential. Just DON'T pair it with leather jackets or any leather of any kind (except maybe a leather bag/shoes) if you don't want to look like Hell's Angels.
Leather pants look good with a silk blouse, tailored coat and high heels. Or simple shirt, cardigan, sneakers and a chinky scarf if you wanna dress it down.
Other alternatives are leather leggings, but I advise against wearing them. Just invest a couple of dollars more (you don't necesarilly have to buy real leather, faux is just as good and a hundred times cheaper) and buy fitting and flattering pants. Leather leggings just emphasize bits we don't want to show the world + it looks cheap most of the time.

Leather pants


I know I haven't been active on this blog for quite a while, but I've been CRAZY busy the past few weeks. Art exhibition, bunch of portraits to draw and college starts in a week!

I promise I'll be putting up a bunch of OOTDs, starting October 1st. :)

Take care,

HOW TO. Remove brassy hair colour

Have you ever ended up with unwanted brassy tones in your hair after wanting to lighten you hair or go blonde?
I recently lightened my coloured hair with bleach (I wanted a black-dark brown ombre) and I was really happy with the results. My bleached hair did look brassy, but I didn't mind, in fact, it looked great.
But everytime I washed my hair it seemed less orange-y and more light brown/dark blonde and I loved how it looked like. So I decided to speed up the process with toning my hair colour.

First thing you need to know when toning your hair is that the uwanted hair colour can be eliminated by adding that colour's opposite colour. Complicated? Not really.
This is the colour wheel.

Since we want to eliminate orange undertones, we're going to have to dye our hair with a BLUE BASED hair dye.
How to find a blue based hair colour? Easy.

For instance, on the left we have a blond hair dye from Loreal and on the right corner we see some numbers in a black box. 10.1. Now what does this mean?
First number applies to she shades between black and blonde.
1=black and 10 is the lightest blonde.
The second number is actually the reflect of the primary colour.
1 or .1 = ash reflect
2 or .2 = perly reflect
3 or .3 = gold reflect
4 or .4 = copper reflect
5 or .5 = red reflect

0 = no additional reflect

All ash colours have blue base so that's the perfect colour for eliminating our brassy undertones.
You can basically try any ash blonde colours, I used Loreal Preference Light Ash Blonde (number 8.1) and it worked wonderfully! My hair is now medium to light brown and I'm very happy with the result.

You can also try toners: best ones are from Wella. I would've used them, but couldn't find any in Slovenian stores:( On more info about toners check my before/after bleaching posts (about 3 posts below this one).

Have fun with this quick DIY project and please, be careful.


Today's manicure! Red and gold pointy nails

I was looking for something fun and elegant to wear to a party and I came up with this look, paired it
with gold rings and a Michael Kors gold watch and I was good to go :)

Products I used: - Essence Colour&Go in number 113- Do you speak love? and 121 - Gold fever, Mavala double action treatment base, which allows nail polish to last almost twice as long and Mavala Colorfix for extra shine (unfortunately it's not very visible on the photo, because I still haven't bought a decent camera).
red and gold manicure

What do you think about this look? Let me know in the comments:)

Sasha Blue

9 cheap but good makeup products that I love :)

I've tried gazillion makeup products in my life, some good, some great, some not worth mentioning, others just absolute rubbish. Items listed here are by far my fave: affordable, long-lasting and definitely worth trying :)

To me, Essence is #1 when it comes to cheap but quality makeup products. I first discovered them about 5 years ago and I've been hooked ever since! + they don't test on animals :)

How to lighten your hair with bleach (BEFORE/AFTER PHOTOS)

I'll be showing you how to lighten your hair with bleach! It's super easy and cheap, but you'll have to be careful while doing it. Now let's get started:)
I have been dyeing my hair with store-bought permanent black dyes for the past 5 years, but I got sooo goddamn tired of it. Especially in the winter - my complexion is not very dark, so black hair made me look like an Addams family member (and trust me, back in my black metal fuck yeah days I wouldn't mind that).
You probably know that colours bought in the stores are much harder to get rid of and that's why I was 100% sure I'll have to go to the hair salon and bleach my hair professionally if I don't want to end up bald.

I did went to the hair salon, the guy wanted around 200€ ($240) for making my hair lighter (I wanted the black-brown ombre effect) which is completely ridiculous.. Other salons weren't much cheaper - the entire process would cost me a minimum of 150€.

To me, that's a little bit excessive. Let's be real, 150€ for bleaching my ends? You gotta be kidding me. Couple of days later I spotted powder bleach and hydrogen at the local shopping mall for 3.5€ and I decided to give it a go.
I was extremely nervous, as I've never done this before and I had no idea what to expect.

Well, it was easy-peasy-japanesy!

What will you need:
- Hydrogen (I used 9% hydrogen, but you can also buy a 3%, 6% or 12% version. I would recommend 6% or 9%)
- powder bleach for hair bleaching (anyone would do)

Schwarzkopf hydrogen and Kozmetika Afrodita powder bleach

4 ways to wear leather pants

Leather pants or leggings can be a tricky piece to wear, I admit. Still, I can't wait for summer to end - the heat here is unbearable, I cant even sit outside for more than 15 minutes at the time + all the great fall pieces are anxiously waiting in my closet!
 I put together a few casual and glam outfits for you girls to rock:) Most of the items used are below $50, so definitely worth checking out!

#1 Kim Kardashian 
You can smarten up your leather pants with a chic white blouse and blazer and a cute pair of pointed toe heels, like Kim K. Make sure the blazer is long enough to cover your derriere, that will make you look thinner and taller. Perfect outfit for a first date :)
kim kardashian leather pants

All White Outfits

All white outfits are a must in the fall/winter 2013, so why not try one? I put together 4 different looks for you and I hope they'll give you some inspiration:)

Comfy jeggings and an oversized jumper paired with Chuck Taylor's, an ultimate all white casual wear. A perfect outfit for school or a relaxing coffee with your friends. Super comfortable to wear but still looks fashionable! Pair it with a darker lipstick, a gold choker and a pair of  white heels/boots for a more glamorous look.

4 back to school & college outfits for curvy girls

I'm SO excited to go back to college this year. I've been travelling all over the world for the past 2 years, surfing couches in Germany, United Kingdom, Serbia, Bosnia, Brussels, France and the United States. School of life and it taught me A LOT. Exploring new languages, getting to really know people and their culture, gazillion art galleries, exhibitons, natural wonders... Memories I'll never forget. Travelling the world gave me something a college can't. Experiences. Now it's time to finally get my degree and start a career.
In fact, I filled out forms and acceptance papers and all that crap just a few hours ago. I'm officially a student of Faculty of Criminology and Criminal Justice in Ljubljana. Life is good.

Now we all want to look the best on our first day and here are some outfits I put together for us, curvy girls:) Flaunt it if you have it, right? Totally.

#1 City Chic
A casual outfit, glamoured up by a pair of pointed toe heels and a bright ring for a pop of colour.
You can wear jeggins or leggings (i usually wear shapewear underneath, but that's totally optional - looks way better though, no bumps a very smooth appearance). Choose an oversized top that will be long enough, same gor for the blazer. Picking a too short one will make your hips look larger and give you a "chunkier" appearance and that's quite the opposite of what we want. Button it in the middle, that will give you an hourglass figure. From my experiences, flowy scarves like this from McQueen (you can get a ton of variaties for the fraction of the price) make you look taller and skinnier. Pointed toes make your legs look a mile long! If you wear your hair in a high bun, that will work in your advantage too - adds a few inches to your height which gives a slimmer appearance.
back to school college outfit

Outfit inspiration: Beyonce in Stella McCartney Gold Lamé Pants

I've been obsessing over Stella McCartney and Beyonce mix lately (as you've probably seen in my previous post, check it out here: http://sashablues.blogspot.com/2013/08/outfit-inspiration-beyonce-in-stella.html), but I just can't help myself. She looks absolutely gorgeous and I fell madly in love with this combo. Metallic colours are a big hit this season, so don't be afraid to rock them like Bey - smarten them up with a blazer and a pair of pumps.

Beyonce is wearing a $769 pair of Stella McCartney Gold Lame Pants, $265 J.Crew Everly Cap Toe Glitter Pumps and $118 J.Crew Maritime Blazer.

I tried to find a nice pair of wallet-friendly gold sequin harem pants, but Google apparentely thinks thats nearly impossible. So what I've found are these one and only Michael Kors sequin pants, Zara blazer and Jeffrey Campbell The Malice shoes. Altogether around $400.

beyonce gold lame pants stella mccartney

Michal Kors has a few sequin harem pants on sale right now, so it's probably worth taking a look - 50% or more off!
I found these - just click on the item list below the image and you'll be taken directlyy to Michael Kors official online store for more information.

michael kors sequin harem pants

Hope you liked the look!
                                                                                         Take care & x0x0,


Nail trends for fall&winter 2013/2014 - top runway must have looks!

I love love LOVE nail art and I always want to try something new. And this season's nail trends are just to die for! Keepin' it classy, but with a twist, think ombre, studded, halfmoons, dipped tips... time to go shopping for some nail polish. :)

#1 Half-moon design
Three different version of the look: mix it up with just about anything: - 2 different colours, glitter, studs...

half moon nail design fall 2013

Must-have top 10 fashion trends for fall/winter 2013/14

It's August already...Summer is just flying by this year! Well...it does that every year. Fuck you summer. I've been waiting for you for months (and that  felt like goddamn centuries) in freezing cold and stupid snow and now you're almost gone in a blink of an eye.
Fortunately there are some things about Fall/Winter that we can actually look forward to: for example fashion trends! I'm dying to wear my leather jacket again or some awesome leather pants.
To me colder seasons are just way more fashion friendly..layers, leather, cashmere, wool, faux fur...more, please!

So here I picked out 10 must have trends for Fall/Winter 2013 for you! Can't wait to rock them soon:)

#10 Leather 
Leather jackets or leather pants are definitely one of the top wanted items of the next season.

leather trend fall winter 2014

Get the look for less: Rihanna's mint skater Balmain skirt&blouse

After seeing Rihanna in this gorgeous outfit I was blown away! Absolutely stunning! If you're looking for skater skirt looks mixed with Rihanna's unique style...this is exactly it..

Now unfortunately I was blown away when I looked at the price tag too (in a very negatively way though). These pretty little things are goddamn expensive.
The Balmain blouse only cost $2,250, the gorgeous Balmain mint skirt can be yours for $3,050 (right in the heart...) and Louboutin "Sex" pumps are $1.395.

Now let me think about that...NO

Rihanna Balmain outfit

Rihanna's Balmain outfit (If you want more information, just click on the items above and you'll be redirected to brand's online store)

I'm so jealous right now.

Since this outfit is like $6400 over my monthly budget on clothes, I had to think of something else. After about 2 hours of surfing the internet, I found a very affordable and gorgeous alternative. Altogether this will cost you roughly around $120 or 100€- mission complete! :) Let me know what you think about this alternative in the comments:)


Look for less

Wanna know where to buy? Just click on the photos of items above this text and you'll be redirected to the brand's online shop. Your welcome;)