> Sasha's Blues: July 2013

Waiting for colder days...

After a week of unbearable heat here in Ljubljana, I'm already craving for a little bit colder days...I'm totally gonna regret the fact that summer is over after about 2 hours of "below 15°C weather", but whatever :)
I remembered I used to be a pretty active member of Polyvore, so when I finally got onto my profile (we've all seen the dreaded 'username or password is not correct' thing) I found THIS!

lana by sashablue featuring an angora sweater

I created this set last year but I'm still in love with it! leather and cashmere, timeless pointed toe heels and Chanel... love love love!
Considering the fact that most of the items in the set are pretty much unreachable for a great majority of people (I don't see myself buying a 1800€ leather pants EVER haha), but it's a great inspiration for what to look for when shopping for the fall.:)                

Kim Kardashian inspired summer outfit

Having a perfect black dress for informal occasions is essential! I was on a hunt for a perfect one for quite a while, but then spotted this one (Clockhouse for C&A) at a local C&A. It fits me perfectly, dosen't look "too heavy" and it's SO comfortable. + the price was hilarious, i paid 20€ for it. A bargain! :)

I don't think they have it anymore (at least not in their online stores), but I guess you can try your luck anyways...  they do have a few very similar items though (for bargain prices of 20-30€ as well)

The dress is deep black and has 2 layers - the one on the top looks  like chiffon (it's definitely not though) - flowy and very summer-y. The top part is also mixed with "chiffon" which discretely shows (a lot of) cleveage - but tastefully.

This is a size 44 and very tight on me on top. I'm usually a 42, so the sizes are a little smaller - be careful if you're gonna be ordering online!

I have only lovely things to say about this dress. It actually looks more expensive than I paid for it, it can be worn for formal occassions as well (a wedding etc.). I wore it on a day out with my beautiful fiance - we had lunch, a quick srtoll through the city center (yes, that's how comfortable those pointed toe heels are to walk in!) and a loooong coffee break on the river bank. I just love spending time with my hubby to be :)

I paired the dress with pointed toe heels that I found in Deichmann for 20€ (yes, for real!). It's SO hard to find pointed toe pumps with a relatively high heel (this one is aprox. 12 cm) unless you're willing to pay 400+ € for Jimmy  Choo's or Louboutin's (on my wish list since forever, but despite the enormous number on the price tag I will treat myself with them...somewhere in the near future:)).
You can still buy them (i think they also have a black version with a golden heel) in their online store: http://skrci.me/2wbUA.

                                               Oh God I love these shoes so much.

I kept the bling bling to a minimum, because  I wanted to draw atention to my gorgeous engagement ring by Zlatarstvo Loboda. I couldn't be more grateful and happy to be engaged to such an amazing man. He's my soulmate and my best friend.

                                                 He liked it and he put a ring on it;)

The Chanel look-a-like bag is from New Yorker, I got it on sale for 9,95€ I think..Cute little bag, but not very practical, it hardly has any space in it.

                                                              Perfect for a night out!

Here's also a video, so you can see how everything looks put together:) Enjoy!