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Summer 2014 outfit ideas!

Like I mentioned earlier, I've been obsessed with thrifting. And during winter I've found some summer-y items on the discount section, yay! I bought it all, obviously ;) Here are some outfit ideas for stuff that I found (and all of you probably already own)

1. Shorts
Ultimate wear of every summer since forever and this year is no exception. The worst thing here is trying to buy REAL high waisted denim shorts - you know, the ones from the 80s. Not some cheap low waist crap that seems to be in every god-damn store I step into. Thrifting was the answer to my problems (thank you Jesus! or Buddha! or the Flying spaghetti monster!)
This is my goal outfit - goal as in "I'm currently eating healthy and excercising so I can pull this off"

Untitled #88

HOW TO WEAR: black velvet dress

Recently I've been terorrising my local thrift shop (basically the ONLY one we have in this lousy city) with my daily visits. I am obsessed. Totally, utterly, completely obsessed.
Couple of weeks ago they had a spring sale and I got some AHHHHMAZING items for (almost) free.
One of the great finds was a black velvet mini dress with long sleeves and I got it for $3.

The question I was asking myself a few hours later, when I got home and tried to pair it with basically everything I have in my closet is - what the hell am I supposed to wear with it?

1. A night out
The reason why I love this dress is because it has long slevees and it hides my arm fat. Sad, but its the truth :)
So I would wear this dress with timeless pointed toe heels (these are Gianvito Rossi and cost a fortune, but if you want a really great and cheap pair of pointed toes Zara, Asos or River Island is your answer. Trust me!) and a black leather clutch. Make sure you dont overdue with prints or materials on other items (shoes, bag), they should be very simple - like sleek leather. No huge jewelry either, unless you want to look like a baroque countess.  Add a simple pair of pearl earrings and some fine ring jewelry and you're good to go.

velvet dress1